No-Stress Financial Planning for Physicians

We specialize in designing a no-stress path to financial freedom. The physicians with whom we work are well-compensated and highly intelligent, but do not have adequate time to research and self-manage all the myriad components of their financial situations, which tend to become more complex over time.

Understanding the time constraints and sometimes overwhelming demands of balancing life and career, we are sophisticated in our solutions yet direct and to the point. We focus on adding value to your financial life in 3 important ways:

  • We’ll help protect and grow your investments, and make sure they’re in line with your values. This includes things like optimal portfolio construction, tax efficiency, and withdrawal sequence.
  • We’ll use all financial planning strategies we can to improve your financial outcome.
  • And most important, we’ll be your lifelong problem-solving partners. We’ll be here to help you navigate your financial lives with greater clarity and confidence, help you avoid the big mistakes, and hold your hand through the tough times that we know will inevitably come so that you can make the most of your money and your life along the way.

As fiduciaries, we have a duty of care, loyalty, and the utmost good faith to act in the best interests of our clients throughout the relationship, and must put our clients’ interests first at all times. We are independent, but also affiliated with a larger firm called NewEdge Advisors, which supports independent advisor teams across the country, and our clients’ assets are custodied by Fidelity, a well-known and trusted third party. In addition, we are committed to keeping client costs as low as possible, and are fully transparent on our fee structure.

If you’re not a physician, that’s OK! You’re still in the right place. We work with successful individuals in every vocation, from business owners, executives and consultants to attorneys, dentists and scientists. And of course retirees!

About Marathon Financial Group

A Financial Plan for Physicians Should be Anything But Typical

We are a team of fiduciary financial professionals committed to the long-term success of our clients. Our financial professionals are Boston natives who are fans of and participants in the Boston Marathon. With offices located at the official marathon finish line, we have embodied the spirit, passion and drive required to prepare our clients for their victories.